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Is striving to become one of the leading producers of the highest quality cannabis

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ABOUT US Committed to supplying a top quality, consistent product every time.

Les Herbes de Beaumont has applied to become a Licensed Producer through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) to Health Canada. Our automated and efficient production methods will enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality product at very competitive prices.

At Les Herbes de Beaumont, we believe that the highest quality product can only be produced through sophisticated procedures, environmental control and efficient cultivation methods. Our perpetual small batch harvesting techniques guarantee a homogeneous and high-quality product, with a constant supply to our valued customers. Les Herbes de Beaumont insists on the development of the customer relationships to enlighten our partners and investors on the many benefits of cannabis.

Les Herbes de Beaumont inc. Wholly owned subsidiary of Borealys

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Les Herbes de Beaumont inc. and Borealys Biotech inc. are open for partnerships on derivative cannabis products

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Les Herbes de Beaumont Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Borealys Biotech Inc. To learn more about Borealys, please visit

Facility The new, State of the Art production facility at Beaumont.

The new, state of the art production facility at Beaumont will meet pharmaceutical regulations requirements and good manufacturing practices (GMP) and will exceed the requirements of the Cannabis Act. This new building will not contain any initial contaminants and will minimize the growth of mold and contaminants. Older facilities have existing contaminants that are difficult (usually impossible) to eliminate.

Les Herbes de Beaumont Quality Assurance Program incorporates Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a list of extensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Good Agricultural Practices.

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